“A Night to Remember” at Two River Theater

If you want A Night To Remember, please go to Project Write Now’s event on November 29, 2016 at the Two River Theater. It is their first fundraiser and by attending you will experience a true “Project Write Now” feeling. The participating chefs from B2 Bistro, Ama Risorante, Raven And The Peach, Danny’s Steakhouse and the Danish Café will be making tasty food and sharing their memories about the dishes that they decided to share with the crowd. The photographers and artists will be taking you down memory lane and sharing with you some of their very special work and perhaps not what you would expect from them… Then you will be treated to a rare LIVE performance like you never have before in the very cool and intimate Marion Huber Theater. You will see a dozen or more performers including musicians, actors, authors, community members and a gifted Juilliard trained pianist PLUS more in a different element sure to make the hair on your arms stand up…in a good way. Goosebumps!

You can purchase tickets on their website at

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