Colts Neck Architecture Review Committee Presents Awards

Photo: Left to right: Architecture Review Committee member Michael Taeschler, awardee Peter LaLima, Architecture Review Committee Chair Lillian Burry, awardee Ray Longobardi, and awardees Thomas Kober and Abbey Feiler-Kober.

Colts Neck Architecture Review Committee Chair Lillian Burry presented three awards on October 26, 2016 during the Colts Neck Township Committee Meeting, which was held in the Town Hall meeting room.

Mrs. Burry explained how the awards came about. “Fifteen years ago, the Township Committee in its wisdom realized the need for an Architecture Review Committee for the sole purpose of keeping our heritage alive in Colts Neck. The Architecture Review Committee provides guidelines for new construction, additions or renovations in town. In the past, the Architecture Review Committee rewarded one business and two residences that stood out for architectural design. Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, the awarding for Excellence in Architectural Design was not given for several years. In 2016, the Township Committee reinstated the awards much to the delight of the Architecture Review Committee.”

Burry added, “This year’s awardees are all recognizable structures with truly exceptional architecture.”

For the business award, the Committee awarded Huddy’s Inn, located at 20 Route 537, whose owner is Ray Longobardi, Jr. The legendary Huddy’s Inn relocated to its new building, which opened early 2016 and remains a favorite gathering place for Colts Neck residents.

One of the residence awards belonged to Abbey Feiler-Kober and Thomas Kober of 86 Montrose Road. They open their residence, which is also known as Abbey Farm, for various charitable fundraising events throughout the year. The other residence receiving the award went to Peter and Teri LaLima of 152 Bucks Mill Road. Peter is the owner of Best Landscaping, and his home reflects his profession.


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