The Education Foundation of Little Silver to Host Annual Fundraiser

The Education Foundation of Little Silver (EFLS) will host its annual fundraising gala on Friday March 24th at The Berkeley Oceanfront Hotel in Asbury Park, to raise money for technology in Little Silver Schools. The EFLS partners with the Little Silver school district to ensure that technology investments complement the curriculum strategy for the schools. The primary goal is to fund more than $160,000 in grants requested by Little Silver teachers as possible.

Last year, the event raised more than $100,000, pushing total EFLS fundraising over the $1,000,000 mark since its inception 22 years ago. Monies raised were used to purchase technology for Little Silver Schools, including Chromebooks, Smart TVs, tablets, digital cameras and other important initiatives requested by the teachers and administration. The EFLS was also able to furnish the Little Silver Public Library with 5 new Chromebooks, for use by all members of the Little Silver community.

“The students today do not see technology as something “extra” that they get to use on special occasions; they have grown up with access to technology and are accustomed to using it. Technology is their vehicle to explore the world, to gather information, to manipulate data, to collaborate, to play and to invent,” explains Dr. Pamela Albert-Devine, Principal to Point Road School. “As a result of the Education Foundation of Little Silver’s fundraising efforts last year, we have been able to provide access to interactive surface tablets, Chromebooks, 3D printing and our students are learning how to code to program our robots. Our students are capable of making a difference in this ever-changing world we live in; it is our responsibility to help prepare them for their future. The work the EFLS does is absolutely essential to support these efforts with our students.”

The dinner and dancing event, being held for the first time in Asbury Park, is always an entertaining evening for Little Silver parents looking for innovative ways to bridge the gap for classroom needs.

“The consistent generosity of our supporters has empowered the EFLS to impact the entire Little Silver community, transcending classrooms to reach places used by all Little Silver residents such as the Little Silver Public Library,” said Kris Kennedy Scuorzo, EFLS President. “We anticipate another successful year of fundraising in order to give our students the tools they need to be successful both in the classroom and beyond and to continue this wide range community impact. On behalf of the EFLS, I want to thank our generous sponsors, the Little Silver teachers and the Board of Education, as well as everyone who will attend this important event.”

As the technology in Little Silver schools is not consistent from classroom to classroom, or grade to grade, funding is continually necessary to establish greater parity and replace aging equipment. Most of the technology in Little Silver classrooms today is funded by the EFLS, and the annual fundraising gala furnishes a lion’s share of the EFLS budget.

The event will be generously supported by local businesses and family sponsors who believe in the important mission and impact of the EFLS. To more about the EFLS, visit


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