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Challenge and Experience Lead to Success

PEGGY RYAN MARCHESE didn’t plan on becoming a professional staging service provider and she certainly didn’t plan on having breast cancer. But a chat with this dynamic woman will quickly make you understand she turns proverbial lemons into lemonade and has a fierce spirit dedicated to following her passions. Often told by her clients that she was ‘born to do this’, Marchese has taken her more than fifteen years combined experience in interior design, decorative painting and real estate and created The Upstaged Home – an innovative business that takes a holistic approach to getting a home ready for sale. Not only is decorating and cosmetic appeal considered, but renovation and new construction is sometimes used to add value for target buyers.

“I’ve been referred to as a ‘house whisperer’ and I especially love transforming homes with deferred maintenance issues and breathing new life into a home that is tired or outdated,” Marchese says.

“My target buyer most often is a young family and I understand what they are looking for in terms of lifestyle and feeling in a home. We are renovation and new construction experts which adds significant value in terms of what we are able to deliver.”

Her second year in real estate as an agent, Marchese listed a $1.3 million home. The homeowner asked if she would help “stage” the house, and once she did it sold within days to the first potential buyer. From that point on the homeowner, who became more of a friend, kept telling Marchese she needed to stage homes professionally.

BeforeAf (1)“It took me some months to see how this could be a good fit for me and after doing some extensive research on the subject, I decided to dive in head first. Since then I have invested 100% of my energy and resources into becoming Monmouth County’s number one luxury professional staging service provider,” Marchese says. “For as long as I can remember I was always rearranging furniture or painting rooms. I would move to a new apartment just because I felt I needed a change in architecture or wanted to redecorate. Both of my parents were very creative. My father was a boat builder and master carpenter and my mother was a dressmaker who worked out of our home making gowns for wedding parties. She was also always painting and decorating our modest home in search of creating beauty and comfort.”

Selling a home is considered one of the three most stressful things in life along with dealing with death and divorce. Marchese describes what she does as powerful and humbling because of the effects it has on taking the guess work out of the process of selling a home. She also knows all too well how life can change suddenly and lead down roads we would all rather avoid.

“All I can say about being a breast cancer survivor is that I wouldn’t change a thing,” Marchese shares openly. “The experience gave me new eyes, new ears, and a new heart. It also gave me the courage to dare to dream that anything and everything is possible, which directly affects every aspect of my life, including my approach to business. Today I am blessed with good health and opportunity beyond my wildest dreams.”

Upstaged, a nationally certified company by both the HSR and Real Estate Stagers Association, specializes in coastal and waterfront luxury properties and in-particular, vacant homes. As home renovation experts, with a focus on kitchens, baths, and hardwood flooring, Marchese and her company provide full service general contracting at a level of excellence that is unparalleled in Monmouth County. Marchese has her own staff and also contracts with top notch locals such as Kurt Connor Construction and 2 Coats Painting.

With an eye always toward the future, Marchese plans to elevate the staging and redesign industry by demonstrating to the public the power and potential return on their investment that staging delivers.

“I would love to see every home benefit from some form of staging and positioning in preparation for sale. Our goal is to provide consistent excellence in service,” Marchese says.

“With an eye toward growth we are continually upgrading our knowledge, skills, and services provided. Every day I get to make a difference in people’s lives by providing a service that most still aren’t even aware exists. I am grateful every day that I am blessed to do what I do.”

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  1. You are the BEST Peggy! You imagination and creativity bring AWESOME results. I have seen your work and it is simply “OUTSTANDING”. No one will be capable of Upstaging your company.

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