Local Jeweler to Hold Special Charity Event for Monmouth County SPCA

J. Vincent Jewelers of Colts Neck will be hosting a special charity event in its newly renovated showroom to benefit the Monmouth County SPCA. The event will take place on Saturday, November 18, 2017 from 12:00 to 5:00 p.m. During the event, the SPCA will bring along some special guest puppies to meet and greet attendees that day. J. Vincent Jewelers will be donating a portion of the sales for the day. Dog Fever jewelry will also be a part of the events special presentation along with the spectacular diamond and gemstone jewelry J. Vincent has adorned Monmouth County with for years!

If you can’t attend the event, throughout the month of November, 15% of Dog Fever purchases will be donated to the SPCA. Dog Fever jewelry mirrors the unique bond and great love affair with man’s best friend. A relationship of deep affection, loyalty, companionship and unconditional love is perfectly reflected in the Dog Fever collection. Each piece will become a treasured souvenir reflecting the unique bond between you and your dog. All jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver and is designed and handcrafted in Milan, Italy.

Come and learn how dedicated the Monmouth County SPCA is to its wonderful cause. There’s more to the Monmouth County SPCA than simply finding adoption for dogs and cats! Plus, there’s no better time for holiday planning if you’re looking for that perfect gift. A pet can make an individual’s life happier and so can the multitude of fabulous gems available to put on your wish list, including the new “Tribute Collection” by Forevermark! ‘

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