Monmouth County Mom Develops Product for Special Needs Children

What do you do when you’re the mom of a special needs child who likes to wander off? Few companies make products that aren’t easy to remove and it’s not a situation you can ignore. If you’re Alexandra Amato, a nurse living in Ocean, you develop a product to meet the need and then create a company of products to help the elderly, children with special needs, or anyone else needing an SOS button.

With twenty-five years of service to the community through healthcare, Amato knew there had to be a better way. She created a GPS Locator Watch that connects to any smartphone or tablet and has an enhanced locking mechanism that can only be removed by the child’s caregiver. When children with special needs are referred to the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office because they are constantly picked up by law enforcement for being lost, the Sheriff’s Office calls Amato to see which device she carries that can help. Having that type of a referral provides parents with peace of mind that the product is a good one.

“I’m very passionate about what we do,” Amato says. “The watch can be used for many other reasons, domestic violence being one. There is an SOS button on the watch that allows a discrete call to a team member of a domestic violence victim. It is also helpful with Amber Alert due to the GPS tracking on the device. It looks like a regular watch and that’s why it’s so attractive to parents.”

The company, Stat Medical Alert, LLC, offers Medicaid Waivers to families in need and the watch can often be covered by insurance.

“I am really looking to get the word out because there are not many companies out there that offer this type of product,” Amato shares. “Stop by and see the watch in person. It offers quite a wow factor.”

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