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Chef, Restaurateur & Philanthropist: Marilyn Schlossbach

Busy people get things done. Award-winning restaurateur, Marilyn Schlossbach is no exception. In fact, she may be leading the local charge on how to elevate hospitality, high adventure, and service above self as one of the busiest women at work in our area. So what’s a priority on her plate these days? If only there were one!

Let’s start with the newest restaurant opening and rebrand in Rumson, now known as Russell & Bette’s. This American French-styled eatery adds to her long list of business interests, including Langosta and Labrador lounges, APYC, and Catering by Marilyn to name a few. Add in current community projects like Food For Thought by the Sea, her Community Food Truck initiative, a ketchup creation for Kula Café and an inaugural cookbook entitled “Eat This Cookbook.” Exhausted yet? Thankfully, Marilyn isn’t thanks to her passion for kitchen creativity, collaboration and community.

MSFood For Thought By the Sea is a 501(c)3 that elevates neighborhood unity and food sustainability by teaching area kids how to source and prepare healthy food for themselves and their neighbors. Food For Thought provides skills development and a sense of optimism for area kids that need encouragement in the culinary arts. This nonprofit is also raising funds to buy a food truck that will be a community fundraiser on wheels for other notable nonprofits with worthy missions. Get on the bus at foodforthoughtap.com to join their generosity fundraising campaign. You can also catch up with Marilyn on her new ketchup recipe to help fund the interfaith neighbors’ collaboration that feeds and trains culinary kids from their organic gardens. Lastly, her cookbook that has been brewing for several years sounds like the perfect recipe for a visual, contextual and tasty delight for readers. This latest work of art will devote each of its eleven chapters to eleven charities that align with Marilyn’s vision on how to make the world a tasty and better place.

So, how does one woman deliver all this but maintain sanity and a sense of focused purpose? She’s got an intentional strategy that supports her mind, body and spirit. Marilyn starts each day with an outdoor walk to create head space for the productive hours ahead. An avid audiobook fan, she fuels her knowledge bank while cashing in on physical movement. She meets regularly with husband, Scott, to long term plan and stay connected to purpose. Marilyn’s favorite way to recharge is in far away places with her family in warm waters under a beating sun. These trips restore her but also provide fresh and invigorating ideas for her menu momentum. She shares that her leadership style is firm, no nonsense but notes that her nurturing style has been informed by the joyful arrival of her five-year-old twins. She embraces the notion that being present and empowered by who she is today keeps her grounded and going forward fully charged on all levels in service to her mission. It’s no irony that the essence of her work originates from the Sanskrit word “Kula”, which seeks to embrace the “community of the heart.” Sounds like a delicious recipe for success and satisfaction. Well done! Learn more about work in motion at foodforthoughtap.com or marilynschlossbach.com.

Story by DonnaLyn Geigerich | Photo Credit: Tom Zapcic Photography

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